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Basil "Rosie"

Ocimum basilicum

Tired of your regular green basil? Spice things up in your Herbert with this elegant dark red to deep purple Basil "Rosie". This variety does not only have a gorgeous intense color, it's a real aromabomb and a great substitute to all the other basil varieties.

Like with green basil varieties you should remove flowering parts of this plant and harvest regularly to ensure a nice uniform growth. With a very sturdy stem, this variety grows similarly to its green counterpart.

By the way: the dark red to purple color is a result of a high content of anthocyanins, which are part of flavonoids. These do not only have antioxidant properties, but also have inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral effects!

Ever tried making a pesto with dark red Basil? Try it, it's worth it.

Time to first harvest in Herbert: 4-5 weeks

Traditional farming: 8-10 weeks