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I love my Herbert and my lettuce is the envy of all my friends. I wish I had two of them!

Myrel C.

I have so much basil, I don't know what to do with it. AMAZING!!

Peter B.

The plants grow so fast in Herbert and all I have to do is add water and fertilizer when Herbert tells me to. Very cool!!

Susanna E.

I love Herbert! Everything I grow in Herbert tastes unbelievably good!

Mike B.

I am super happy with Herbert and it's fantastic to be able to grow your own salat and herbs. A lot of my friends have asked me where did I buy it because everyone likes it!

Aleksej S.

Especially the basil from Herbert has us (and everybody visiting) stunned, I have never seen Basil this tasty, large, and bright in color outside of Italy!

Koen vB

Simple. Clean. @Home.

das ganze Jahr

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