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Basil "Basego"

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Ocimum basilicum

Green Basil, the classic herb. The plant that always seems to die after a few weeks. Well not this time, since Basil "Basego" feels perfectly at home in Herbert growing seasoning-ready monstrous leaves! Used in a variety of dishes, on pizzas, in tomato sauces, in pestos, and many more - it's almost a crime if you do not have this plant at home. Basil "Basego" grows uniformly and has a very rich green color, if not harvested regularly it will reach gigantic sizes!

If your Basil "Basego" starts to bloom this means that either the plant is reaching the end of its life or it receives a lot sunlight. But this is no problem either - if you pluck the flowers and trim your Basil regularly, you ensure an intense taste for your many dishes.

Apart from seemingly impossible amounts of pesto that are possible from growing this one in Herbert (one full Herbert of Basil "Basego" can grow you pesto for up to 15 people at once!), we've heard that basil sirup is also an intersting way of using this plant...

Time to first harvest in Herbert: 4-5 weeks

Traditional farming: 8-10 weeks