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Herbert - Smart Garden Kit


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Create your own living and colorful picture that you can also eat. Herbert is the world's first hydroponic smart indoor garden in the shape of a picture frame that is lit with an energy-efficient plant LED. The plants root directly into the water and no soil is needed - making growing much simpler and cleaner. Compared to traditional growing methods, hydroponics allows on average for up to 40% faster growth and requires up to 90% less water. For example, you can harvest basil for the first time between three and four weeks after sowing! As a true vertical garden Herbert can accommodate up to 15 plants, takes up very little space itself, and is cleaner and more efficient than any flower pot. Herbert allows you to grow fresh vegetables and fresh herbs all year round, regardless of the weather outside, and harvest them directly from the wall at any time with minimal effort. The LED light, which was specially designed with the plants’ requirements in mind, replaces the sunlight and ensures lush growth and plenty of flavor in your herbs. The LED light can be easily adjusted via the Herbert App (Android, iOS), or directly on Herbert and you can set it to your needs, as well as the needs of the plants.

3 simple steps to grow your fresh herbs and salads

Step 1
Place a sponge with seeds in Herbert

Step 2
Fill water into Herbert

Step 3
Plug Herbert in

  • Total weight (incl. water): approx. 15kg
  • Total power max.: 60W
  • Silent integrated pump: <35dB at 1m distance
  • Water tank capacity: 6 liters
  • LED lamp: 28 high power LEDs, optimized spectrum for growing plants
  • Simple mounting with a profile rail (included)
  • Cable length: PonixControl <1,8m cable> power adapter <1,5m cable> power plug
  • Plug types: B, F, G, I, K
  • Voltage source: 100V - 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Wireless Connection: Bluetooth®
Vertical hydroponic system

Plants root directly into water instead of soil and Herbert has a closed water circulation system. This makes growing and planting very clean and plants grow up to 40% faster compared to traditional farming.

Integrated water tank

The water tank has a capacity of 6 liters so you do not have to refill Herbert for up to 35 days. A silent pump ensures constant circulation and aeration of the water.

Simple notification

A small status LED on the front of Herbert shows you when a refill is necessary so you do not need to worry that your plants dry out.

Simple settings

Our special plant LED replaces the sunlight and allows you to grow fresh herbs all year round. It was developed by us through research and the LED light promotes a more intense taste, more intense colors, and a significantly quicker growth. You can easily set the lighting time and lighting intensity with our Herbert App (downloadable for Android and iOS), or you can adjust the light settings directly through the control unit in Herbert.

  • Your Herbert with your choice of front finish
  • One pack growing sponges (18 pieces)
  • One fertilizer (100ml)
  • 15 net pots
  • 15 transparent germination caps
  • 6 intransparent caps to cover unused holes
  • One mounting rail to hang Herbert to your wall (screws and screw anchors not included))
  • One overflow protection
  • One power adapter (country-specific plug included)
  • Seed starter kit (basil „Basego“, lollo bionda lettuce, parsley "Gigante D'Italia", lemon balm, red romaine lettuce)

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