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Herbert - Acryl White

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Our fancy-pancy Herbert - Imagine having a whiteboard that can be used for making some notes and growing salad at the same time.

Herbert is a hydroponic vertical farm, which means that plants grow directly in water and no soil has to be used. On average, hydroponics allows for 40% faster growth of plants, whilst requiring 90% less water compared to traditional farming methods. As a vertical garden, Herbert requires only little space, is clean and much more efficient compared to traditional farming methods.

The mounting system with a profile rail (included in every package) makes installing Herbert very easy. Simply check that the profile rail is leveled and mount it to the wall with two screws and screw anchors (not included). Hang Herbert onto the profile rail, plug it in and you are ready to grow.


As soon as Herbert hangs on the wall, these are the final simple steps to get growing:

Step 1: Put one or more seeds into one of our biodegradable sponges and place the sponge in the net pot.

Step 2: Place the net pot in Herbert and add the transparent germination cap on top to ensure a high level of humidity. Remove the transparent germination cap once seedlings are visible.

Step 3: Add water and organic fertilizer when the status LED notifies you and watch your edible picture grow.

Step 4: Harvest when hungry!

Herbert can be controlled directly through the PonixControl unit or via Bluetooth® with the Herbert app, available on Google Play and iTunes


Included in this package:

  • Your white acrylic Herbert
  • One pack of biodegradable sponges (18 pieces)
  • One fertilizer
  • 15 net pots
  • 15 transparent germination caps
  • 5 intransparent caps to cover unused holes
  • One profile rail to mount Herbert to your wall (screws and screw anchors not included)
  • One overflow protection 
  • One power supply (country specific plug included)
  • Seed starter kit selection (Basil "Basego", Lollo Bionda, Parsley "Gigante D'Italia", Lemon Balm, Red Romaine)