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Lemon balm

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Melissa officinalis

Can't decide between mint or lemon tea? That's why lemon balm exists, to help you take less decisions but still offering you a delicious half sour, half minty tea to soothe your soul in dark winter times.

It's also a wonderful addition to various asian recipes, can be used to freshen up cold drinks, salads, or give a smooth lemony hint to any dishes that include fish and is also great to garnish your cakes and other sweets, such as ice creams and sorbets! This wonderful herb has an almost unbelievable rapid growth.

Interestingly enough, lemon balm does not only act as an anticonvulsant and soothing (best used as a tea), but it also has a high rosmarinic acid content which acts antimicrobial, antiinflammatory and antiviral.

Time to first harvest in Herbert: 5-8 weeks
Traditional farming: 8-11 weeks