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Lollo Rossa

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Lactuca sativa

Don't worry, this is no mistake, this is basically the same text as with Lollo Bionda, why should the text be different when these plants are so similar?

Lollo Rossa and Lollo Bionda are just the high society cousins of regular salad. They have fancy curly leaves, with a pinch of bitterness. These curls also serve a practical function by catching more salad dressing. This variety has a beautiful, reddish color (the more light it receives, the more intense its color will turn out) and a nice, compact and round form. Use, you guessed it, in any and every salad.

Lollo Rossa is the red version, Lollo Bionda its green counterpart. A combination of both makes for a very pretty living picture in Herbert.

Its red coloring also hints at a slightly increased bitterness and flavor compared to its green cousin. Increased carotenoid content and anthocyanin content are responsible for the reddish coloring and also responsible for the slightly increased bitterness. Both antioxidants are good for us!

Time to first harvest in Herbert: 5-6 weeks
Traditional farming: 8-12 weeks