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Brassica campestris var. japonica

Mizuna is a Japanese cool season salad that has already been cultivated in ancient Japan. Much like rocket it contains mustard oils and therefore has a similar taste, spicy and a mild, peppery flavor, but not as intense as is the case with rocket. Younger leaves are less spicy, older leaves can sometimes even be perceived as too spicy - you can basically decide based on what you want to use it for. 

We recommend using Mizuna in fresh salad, stir-fries and especially Japanese hot pots. Its rich green color and serrated leaves make it also a beautiful plant to look at. Both cooked and raw, this plant has a hearty taste. Usually, it is difficult to buy Mizuna leaves on their own as they are usually always mixed together with other Asian salads. But you can now grow tons of Mizuna easily in Herbert!

Time to first harvest in Herbert: 3-6 weeks
Traditional farming: 6-7 weeks