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Parsley "Gigante D'Italia"

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Petrosenilum crispum

This flatleaf parsley wants to prove it can hold its own. If you wait long enough, the thicker bushy stocks can be eaten raw just like celery. Perfect for all you vegans out there. With its name, this variety is really not kidding, it seriously has gigantic leaves. Its rich flavor makes it great to use in soups, as a garnish on potato dishes, with fish, steaks, in general in european, middle eastern, or american cuisine.

Parsley has a high vitamin C content, helps against spring tiredness, is beneficial to kidney and bladder and also helpful against bad breath.

This plant has a rather long germination time, so please be a little bit patient with this one. Once germinated, it loves full sunlight.


Time to first harvest in Herbert: 4-7 weeks
Traditional farming: 7-10 weeks