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Salanova® Barlach

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Lactuca sativa

We have another fancy salad contender, a red Salanova® version. Crunchy, curly leaves, slightly increased bitter taste, perfect for a healthy summer dinner. This beautiful lettuce has a very intense red coloring and a nice and compact and symmetrical growth (as with many types of plants, the more light it receives, the more intense its color will turn out). The red coloring in the plant stems from anthocyanins, a valuable antioxidant. Anthocyanins are responsible for many wonderful things: they help improve vision, have antiinflammatory properties and have anti-aging properties!

Its taste is slightly more bitter compared to its green brother Salanova® Descartes and in combination these two look beautiful in Herbert! But also freshly plucked in a bowl of salad.

Time to first harvest in Herbert: 5-6 weeks
Traditional farming: 8-12 weeks