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Thymius vulgaris

It seems the mint family has taken over. Thyme, also a member of this widely-used herb-family is a favorite when it comes to hidden culinary gems. Know the delicious za'atar spread? Thyme! This evergreen herb's use is manifold, from medicinal, to culinary, to ornamental, both fresh and dried. Fresh thyme is more flavorful than dried, but this also reduces its shelf life. This plant grows very low, making it great to have in Herbert. Use in salads, soups, especially in gravy, and if you have a cough or a sore throat make a tea.

Already used as incense by the ancient Greek, this plant was also used in the middle ages as valuable medicinal plant against asthma or shortage of breath.

Time to first harvest in Herbert: 7-11 weeks
Traditional farming: 9-13 weeks